«Comtec-Energoservice » – we build reliable and efficient turbines

Since 1994 “Comteс-Energoservice ”successfully works in the field of power engineering. Today “Comteс-Energoservice ”is a stable company , with an experience in modernization of steam turbines from 12MW up to 500MW , manufacture and supply of our own-designed low-capacity turbines , repairs of diaphragms, cylinders, rotors, bearings and other parts and components of steam turbines; big amount of implemented reconstructions and modernizations of stream distribution units.

Our main activities:

• Manufacture of low-capacity steam turbines.
• Reconstruction of steam turbines and TPP thermal schemes
• Reconstruction and modernization of turbine elements and accessories
• Manufacture, repairs, and reconstruction of steam distribution units
• Repairs of steam turbine elements at the plant
• Introduction of new developments and new technologies
• Defect inspection of turbine equipment and giving recommendations on repairs
• Resolving problems of turbine equipment exploitation and repairs
• Spare parts supply for steam turbines and pumps

The way we solve difficult problems is unconventional and original , the design developments are protected by 20 patents and utility model certificates.

Starting from 2004 “Comteс-Energoservice ” is using quality design management system for manufacturing, assembly ,repairs, and steam turbine maintenance ,that is certified by TÜV NORD CERT GmbH&Co.KG(Germany).In 2009 the achievement of requirements of quality management standard was certified by ISO 9001.

Our regular customers include major energy companies such as OOO ”Sibirskaya Generiruyushaya Companiya”,OAO”Irkutsk Energo”,OAO”InterRAO”. Our modernized units and parts are mounted on turbines of such plants like LMZ and UTZ. The production of “Comteс-Energoservice ”is currently implemented in more than 30 TPP’s in Russia, near and far abroad.

Our company has its own manufacture , equipped with a carousel, boring, turning, milling, grinding machines, facilities for heat treatment ,welding, fitting and assembly works .The manufacture includes highly skilled workers and professionals with an extensive experience in power engineering.


Company news

«Comtec-Energoservice» will supply a steam turbine to the feed pump to Svetlogorskaya TPP

«Comtec-Energoservice» will supply a steam turbine Р-2,5-1,3/0,12 П for the feed pump ПЭ-‎380-185-3 to Svetlogorskaya TPP. Also «Comtec-Energoservice» will carry out installation and adjustment supervision and Customer's staff training. 

«Comtec-Energoservice» will supply a steam turbine-generator installation ПТГУ-12000 for JSC «EUROCHEM– NORTHWEST»

«Comtec-Energoservice» will supply a steam turbine-generator installation ПТГУ-12000 for JSC «EUROCHEM– NORTHWEST» within the framework of the project «Production of Ammonia, Kingisepp. Power plant» for JSC «EuroChem-Northwest». 

«Comtec-Energoservice» shipped a steam box of check valves for PJSC «ENEL Russia»

Under a contract with PJSC «Enel Russia» «Comtec-Energoservice» shipped a steam box of check valves for turbine K-300-240 Konakovskaya GRES. 

Steam turbines

“Comtec-Energoservice” designs and builds steam turbines from 0.5 to 12 MW according to the specific customer requirements . Most of the offered design approaches have been proven to be effective, both in terms of improved efficiency and improved operational characteristics as well as unit cost reduction of a supplied kilowatt of electricity.

When we design a turbine, we consider all the details such as operation modes ;working hours duration; loading schedule, variation range of initial and final steam parameters, etc.

By now we manufactured and shipped nine condensing and backpressure type steam turbines from 1 to 5 MW.

Our experts can help you to design all the technical specifications for a generator turbine or drive turbine.

of Steam turbines

We have a big experience in reconstructions of steam turbines from 12MW to 500MW built by “LMZ”,”UTZ”,”HTGZ” etc., including turbines made by foreign companies. All reconstructions and modernizations ,are used to increase the capacity , reliability, efficiency and repairability.

Our largest reconstructions over the past few years:
• Reconstruction of PT-80-130 LMZ turbine at Rostovskaya TPP-2
• Reconstruction of PT-60-130 LMZ turbine at Kazanskaya TPP
• Reconstruction of K-200-130 LMZ turbine at Moldavskaya TPP
• Reconstruction of K-500-240 HTGZ turbine at Nazarovskaya TPP
• Reconstruction of T-120-130 LMZ turbine at Novo-Kemerovskaya TPP
• Reconstruction of R-50-130/13 LMZ turbine at Irkutskaya TPP-11
• Reconstruction of PT-25-90 UTZ turbine at Irkutskaya TPP-11
• Reconstruction of VK-50-90 LMZ turbine and thermal circuit at Svetlogorskaya TPP
• Reconstruction of AEG-12 Siemens at Barnaulskaya TPP-11

Modernization of steam turbine
parts and units

Modernization of steam distribution units

The reliability and efficiency – are the main requirements for steam distribution parts and units. Improving the reliability of these units is one of the main purposes in power engineering. That is why this activity is considered to be one of our priorities.

As a result of many years of theoretical, experimental and design work we have developed, formed and tested the design principles that provide guaranteed reliability and high efficiency of the valves. We have extensively used the experience of manufacturers, repair services, power plant operating personnel, as well as technical and patent literature.

"Comtec-Energoservice" currently, developed, patented and successfully implemented (more than 1000 implementations) such developments as:

• Modernization of control valves
• Modernization of check valves
• Installation of valve seal airtight
• Modernization of valve drive units
• Modernization of the cam-switchgear

Modernization of shaft seals for turbines from 50 to 800MW

“Comtec-Energoservice” offers modernized high-temperature and low-temperature shaft seals for turbines from 50 to 800MW. More than 10 years our shaft seals reliably works on such turbines as R-50, PT-60, PT-80, T-100, T-180, K-200,K-300-more than 120 turbines at Russian TPP’s and abroad. The solutions proposed by our designers became so successful that our shaft seals are now currently used on the new turbines of such plants as "Power Machines" and "UTZ".

The main advantages of our shaft seals are:

• High reliability (reducing the warp effect)
• Improved repairability
• Increased rigidity of the structure

Manufacture and repairs
of steam turbine parts
and units

Manufacture of steam turbine parts
and units

"Comtec-Energoservice" manufactures and supplies spare parts for steam turbines built by Leningrad Metal Plant (LMZ), Ural Turbine Plant (UTZ), Kaluga Turbine Plant (KTZ), Kharkov turbogenerator plant (Turboatom), etc.

All parts and units are manufactured using our own production facilities and manufacturing equipment.

Our typical products:

Steam distribution units and spare parts: valve hydraulic drives ,check and control valves , valve blocks, rods, axle boxes, slide valves, cams, etc.
Blading units and parts: nozzle and directing devices, welded diaphragms, regulating diaphragms, diaphragm holders, bore bladed discs, sealing rings etc.
Shaft seals, couplings, support and thrust bearing liners, thrust pads, etc.
Check valves, safety valves.
Specialized mountings, high-pressure mountings, studs, cap screws and other spare parts for steam turbines, etc.

Repair of steam turbine parts and units

Our proven technology allows us to repair steam turbine parts restoring their original parameters in a short time and with minimal cost.

We repair such steam turbine parts as :

Steam distribution units (including body parts)
Diaphragms, nozzle and guide vanes
Diaphragm holders
BB Couplings

In addition, we provide engineering support for repairs and reconstruction of steam turbine parts and units. Our services have already been used by dozens of power plants in Russia and abroad.



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